Sponsored Crowdfunding

Sponsifi powers a new Currency of Caring for brands by helping them connect meaningfully with consumers. We help companies shift from mass-marketing to marketing-by-the-masses.

Our plug-in solution lets forwarding-thinking companies create scaled word-of-mouth marketing opportunities, and positively impact consumer loyalty to their brand by supporting – and rewarding – customers for helping the local causes they care about. Let's face it. Donations trump ' Likes '. When a customer contributes cash to a brand sponsored-crowdfunding campaign, it can be the deepest social engagement possible. Sponsifi is a new conduit for brands to connect meaningfully with consumers.

Our solution helps companies shift from mass-marketing to marketing-by-the-masses.


Creates value and drives customer activation, engagement and retention through brand-sponsored incentives.

Cuts through social ad clutter with relevant, permission-based offers.

Increases cause reach and impact; benefits ‘brands doing good’ via multiplier effect of our social plug-in.

Drive Brand lift by authentic, community-generated content. Credit for good work grows organically.

How it Works

Sponsifi how it works


Corporation offers sponsored crowdfunding to customers via branded plug-in.

Sponsifi how it works


Customers sign up their own causes, get brand approval, raise money for causes they care about.

Sponsifi how it works


Corporation donates sponsored brand incentives to campaign contributors (e.g. offer coupon).

Sponsifi how it works


Consumers donate to campaign and get permission based, sponsored-incentives for their contributions.

sponsifi how it works

Consumer shares with friends.

sponsifi how it works

They activate as a customer.


Sponsifi shortens the distance between brands and the customers they care about. It offers companies a way to dramatically strengthen consumer ties to their brand by engaging with and rewarding customers with great offers for supporting causes they already care about.


Fully branded experience

  • Maximizes brand equity
  • Increases customer trust
  • Sponsifi-supported customer experience

Organic content distribution network

  • Maximizes cause impact and raise

  • Broadest possible distribution and reach – friend to friend

High-value, high visibility social content

  • Personalized “in-feed” sponsored brand and consumer content
  • Compensates for decreased Facebook post visibility, increases engagement
  • Helps brand lift by creating relevant & authentic community, cause & brand-related content

Brand-sponsored contribution matching

  • Companies can claim greater impact via campaigns raising- and keeping- more revenue

  • Lifts brand loyalty and creates word of mouth marketing opportunities

Brand-sponsored campaign incentives

  • Easy redemption via seamless digital gift cards or virtual credit cards
  • Minimize breakage: charged only on offer activation

Marketing permission acquisition

  • Better information capture; enables effective follow-up marketing to new prospects

  • Fully CASL and CANSPAM compliant

Today’s CMO is challenged by increasingly mobile, skeptical, and savvy consumers who are ad-blind and easily distracted.


  • Struggle to connect with consumers who are able to opt-out of ad-rich, intrusive environments.
    7 of 10 adults identify Word of Mouth as THE most influential tactic for them (*AdAge).
  • Continue to invest in, yet struggle to show, true ROI for ongoing Sponsorship spends.
    $21B/YR spent on sponsorship to connect with consumers.
    53% of CMOs rank measuring ROI #1 priority (*AMA).
  • Need to address sceptical consumer expectations and prove social impact of cause sponsorship spends.
    90% of Consumers Will Switch Brands to one that supports causes they care about.
  • Struggle to keep their brand relevant to savvy or fickle customers.

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