The Ultimate Cause Marketing Guide

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This 17-page guide will teach you everything you need to know about sponsored crowdfunding and cause marketing and how your company can use it to enhance your CSR programs and improve your bottom line. What’s in this ebook? The landscape of corporate social responsibility and philanthropy is going through its first real digital disruption. Sponsored […]

What You Need to Remember When Increasing Your Community Involvement

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It doesn’t matter what size your company is, or what industry you’re in, you should be involved in your community. If the positive impact component isn’t enough for you, community engagement and philanthropy mean increased customer loyalty and positive reflection on your bottom line. Whether it’s the neighborhood your office is in or your online community […]

Using Crowdfunding to Build PR Buzz

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It’s easy to think of PR and crowdfunding as being integral to each other in terms of using PR to push for greater contributions, but crowdfunding is also a great tool for building earned PR buzz. Some clever organizations are starting to leverage their crowdfunding campaigns as stand alone PR activities – and it’s working.  If you think about […]

7 Simple Crowdfunding Best Practices for Businesses

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Across North America, companies in all industries are launching partnerships with nonprofits and crowdfunding platforms to collaborate and leverage their audience to execute on their CSR projects. Crowdfunding has become an increasingly accepted, indeed – expected, CSR activity, which more and more cause marketing professionals are recognizing and appreciating for its lack of a real […]

Are You Wasting Your Sponsorship Spend?

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Since when has writing a cheque engaged anyone long term, beyond the transaction?  In the grand scope of sponsorship, a general cash donation is the bare minimum form of participation, and doesn’t maximize the vast opportunity that sponsorship presents as part of your community engagement.  Your job is far from done when the cheque is cashed and if […]

The Changing Landscape of Sports Philanthropy

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Community engagement programs are not new for celebrity athletes, teams, leagues, and sports influencers. What is new and exciting is the increased creativity and ambition of sports philanthropy. Tanks to this greater focus on sports as a vehicle for social change, sports philanthropy is now its own field of study at George Washington University Business School. GWU offers a program tailored to those […]

#GivingTuesday Boosts Corporate Philanthropy & Bottom Line

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With Thanksgiving fast approaching, the usual flurry of Black Friday and Cyber Monday initiatives are beginning to saturate the advertising landscape.  Even when it’s an abstinence from participating in Black Friday, like REI’s brilliant #OptOutside campaign, it’s hard to scan the media and not see something pertaining to the sales.  The Tuesday following the Thanksgiving […]